Theft Records pins - print your own

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Print your own Theft Records pin and give it to all of your friends.
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This opera by Theft Records is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
If you are willing to sell them, contact us and we can talk about it.

Theft Records pins on sale

6:38 pm Posted by klez

Here is the first piece of merchandise for Theft Records. These are our official pins.

[TREP00] klez - PiraGhetto

2:07 pm Posted by klez

First release for Theft Records, by its founder: klez.
These tracks were made for a breakdance show for some friends, and is named after the park were that show took place (Piraghetto Park, in Mestre (Venice - Italy).
There should have been a fourth track, but it contained samples from a Daft Punk song (Technologic).

The tracks' styles are very different. PiraGhetto is a hard breackbeat song, reminescent of some Bomfunk MCs' track. Then we have Get Into The Groove, more calm but still very electronic. Finally, Do Your Dirty Dance is more geared towards BigBeat, somewhat Prodigy-style.
01 - PiraGhetto
02 - Get Into The Groove
03 - Do Your Dirty Dance

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Waiting for space

10:39 am Posted by klez

We are waiting to receive our storage space on . As soon as they activate it we'll upload our first release, PiraGhetto, a BreakBeat/BigBeat EP by klez.

Theft Records, a new netlabel

1:56 am Posted by klez

Hi all! Welcome to the Theft Records electornic music netlabel's blog/website.
Be sure to read the About Us, Principles, Send a Demo and Open Positions sections.
At the moment we are looking above all for electronic music producers, that produce any kind of electronic music. If you are interested drop us a line.